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WIFI at pool:
The pool WIFI Network is 'Shakerag' and the member password is all lower case 'shakeraghoa'. There is a second network named 'Shackrag HOA' listed, but it is not a valid network.

2019 Pool Hours

Hours are with lifeguards unless otherwise noted. Please note that swimming - with or without lifeguards - is at your own risk.

The pool opens Saturday, May 4 (Weekends only until school is out) No Lifeguards during this time. and closes Sep. 23.

**Pool closes early for Sharks Swim Team Meets
**Swim Team practices May 29 thru June from 7:45-10:45 am daily. At 10 am, part of the pool will be available for open swim and the entire pools will be open by 11 am.

Please come out and enjoy YOUR pool! Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the pool rules to ensure an enjoyable environment for ALL residents.

Pool/Clubhouse Key Card Access and Camera Surveillance: As of June 15, 2015, you must use your Shakerag key card to access the pool. The lifeguards will not admit you without your key card. For more information, review the Homeowner Letter of June 2015 under Board/Board Documents/Pool Clubhouse Access.

Shakerag Pool Rules

Only Shakerag residents of Amberleigh, Devonhall, Laurelwood and Huntington and their guests, when accompanied by the resident, can use the pool.

1. Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an attendant who is at least 15 years of age. You may not drop off and leave children under age 12 or play tennis while your children under 12 swim. Should this occur, the children will not be permitted to swim.

2. It is mandatory for all persons not toilet trained and incontinent individuals to wear swim diapers and plastic swim pants at all times in either the baby pool or the main pool. Disposable or cloth diapers ARE NOT SWIM DIAPERS!

3. The lifeguard break begins at 50 minutes past each hour and ends at the new hour. Everyone must clear the pool until the lifeguard announces 'Zone clear'. Swim at your own risk.

4. No running, boisterous conduct, vulgar language, pushing or shoving others into the pool, or jumping onto rafts from the pool deck.

5. No dangerous objects (tennis balls, footballs, frisbees, etc.) in the pool or pool area. At the lifeguard�s discretion, large rafts and tubes may be banned from the pool during peak attendance hours. No skateboards, scooters, bicycles, or roller-skates in the pool area.

6. No glass, metal, sharp objects or hazardous materials in the pool area.

7. Food and drink are allowed on the pool deck. No eating or drinking while in the pool or sitting on the edge of the pool. You are responsible for cleaning up any area where you have consumed food or drinks, including under the table.

8. No smoking in the pool area or on the deck outside the pool entrance.

9. Persons with open sores or cuts are not permitted in the pool.

10. Diving and flips are not permitted during open (non-swim team) hours.

11. No pets in the pool area or left unattended outside the pool area.

12. The lifeguard�s word will be final when enforcing pool rules. Please respect and support our lifeguards in the performance of their job. INFRACTION OF ANY POOL RULE COULD RESULT IN SUSPENSION OF POOL PRIVILEGES. With the first failure to comply with any rule, the offender will be given a warning. For continued infraction, the offender will be asked to sit out for 5 minutes or �written up� by the lifeguard and sent home for the remainder of the day. Repeat offenders will lose pool privileges.

13. Children under the age of 8 should ALWAYS be accompanied to the restroom by a parent or responsible older child. The lifeguards are responsible for keeping our restrooms clean within reasonable limits. If you find unsatisfactory conditions in any restroom, please notify the lifeguards.

14. Parties: All residents planning a community or private party at the pool MUST reserve the facility through the this website's reservations link at least two weeks in advance.
On www.shakeraghoa.com, click on �Activities� on the menu bar and then click on �Reservations�. This is a non-exclusive reservation as other residents will be using the pool at the same time as your party. You are responsible for scheduling and paying for required additional lifeguards. This can be done at www.amspoolsga.com under �pool party reservations�. Also reserve the pavilion for food. You are responsible for cleaning up and putting all trash in the dumpster and for any damage.

� Guest Access: If the guests are not residents with their own access cards, the resident arranging the party will provide their access. Lifeguards will not provide pool access to guests. Entrance and exit has to be past the bathrooms and the key access door cannot be propped open. Per Fulton County, the gate between the pool and the pravilon cannot be opened.

15. Pool Hours: The pool is generally open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm with the exception of Shakerag Shark Swim Meets and some school days. Check the website for times.

End of Day Pool Closing Process: The lifeguard stays on duty until 10 minutes before the pool closes. At 10 minutes to close they will blow their whistle, announce that the lifeguard is off duty and that the pool will be closing in 10 minutes. This ten-minute period is not a �life guard break� described in
Rule #3.

During this last ten minutes, the lifeguard will exit his/her chair and begin the duties necessary to close the pool for the day. �Swim At Your Own Risk� at this time. Parents must supervise their children closely. On the hour, the lifeguard again blows his whistle and announces that the pool is now closed. All persons must gather their belongings and exit the pool area.

16. Pool chairs can only be reserved when you are physically present at the pool. Whenever possible, and particularly on peak attendance days, please consolidate your belongings and allow others to use the deck chairs if you are not sitting on them.

17. This is a FAMILY facility. Proper attire is to be worn at all times (bathing/swim suits). Underwear and thongs are NOT acceptable. Vulgar or offensive language will not be tolerated. Offenders will be asked to leave immediately.

18. No resident may use the pool facility to teach swim lessons during public hours.


� For a pool party, reserve both the pool and pavilion via www.shakeraghoa.com under �amenities�. The pavilion is for food.
� Parties of more than 35 people require board approval. Parties reserved more than 90 days ahead require board approval.
� Pool parties are limited to 4 hours.
� Additional lifeguards are required and paid for by the resident hosting the party. see below.
� Party food should be served in the pavilion and not on the pool deck.
� The resident host is responsible for cleaning the area after the party, bagging all trash and putting it in the garbage cans.
� The resident is responsible for the repair of any damage to the area.
� Fees for cleaning and/or damage will be billed to the resident or added to the homeowners HOA account.
� Pool parties are non-exclusive: other residents will be using the pool at the same time as the party.
� Guest Access:
o If the guests are not residents, the resident arranging the party will provide their access. Lifeguards will not provide pool access to guests.
o Entrance and exit has to be past the bathrooms and the key access door cannot be propped open. If this door is propped open, the buzzer sounds and the lifeguards have the authority to shut the pool down.
o The gate between the pool and pavilion cannot be opened for parties. This is a Fulton County rule that we must control access to the pool with mandatory fences and closed gates for safety and liability reasons. The back gate to the pavilion is required for fire/EMS access but it must be kept locked. The only exception is for swim meets where there are oodles of swim coaches who can handle emergencies.
� Our contract with AMS requires one additional lifeguard per 25-30 party guests. 2019 fees are $20/guard/hour. The number of additional guards needed depends on the size of the party, ages of attendees, length of the party and presence of regularly scheduled staffing. AMS adds a $20 late fee for reservations made less than 1 week before the party. This can be done at www.amspoolsga.com under �pool party reservations�.

Important Information

Location: Clubhouse area between Devonhall and Laurelwood

Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm unless listed above

Opens: 5/4/19

Closes: 09/24/19